14 december 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS is among the leaders of the Russian BI market

MAYKOR-GMCS crowded the TOP-10 list of Russian companies at the BI market in accordance with the analytical center TAdviser. The company showed the highest revenue growth at the end of 2015.

MAYKOR-GMCS has once again confirmed the leading position in this dynamic market. In 2015, the company implemented the BI-projects in different sectors, including complex deployments.

"Companies ask us to solve a variety of tasks. For some companies, it is important to have data visualization, dashboards and customize dashboards, others want to track KPI of their units and employees. There are also requests for personnel analytics, analysis of the marketing," commented Maria Venediktova, Vice president of MAYKOR-GMCS.

According to the review, the Russian BI market continues to grow. By estimates of TAdviser, in 2015 the market volume, including implementation and support services, increased by 5% and reached 45.9 billion rubles.

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