29 august 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS joined the TIZEN Association Russia

MAYKOR-GMCS entered the Tizen Association Russia (Tizen.ru), a Consortium developing the Russian open versions of Tizen OS for mobile devices and Internet of things (IoT). Participation of MAYKOR-GMCS in Tizen allows extending the competence in the development of corporate mobile applications.

Tizen Association is aimed at the development of solutions on the basis of Tizen OS and its promotion on the global and local market. In 2015 Tizen OS passed Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) certification and became the first Russian secure operating system. All-in-one platform Tizen provides ample opportunities for digital services, including IoT solutions and Industry 4.0.

MAYKOR-GMCS was among the first to adapt its mobile applications to Tizen OS, which are designed to support processes of maintenance and repairs and maintenance team management. These processes have strict requirements of the data security. One of the mobile applications based on Tizen OS is designed by MAYKOR-GMCS for the corporate version of Samsung Z3 smartphone, which provides a high level of data protection.

"Today are highly requested mobile solutions in the public sector and among corporate enterprises. Extension of the competence in the Tizen OS will enable us to strengthen the business line of the development of these products and meet the needs of the market," said Ekaterina Voropaeva, President of MAYKOR-GMCS.

"We are pleased that one of the leading IT players joined the Tizen ecosystem. Each participant is a source of valuable experience that can be used to adapt Tizen platform to the needs of the Russian market," added Andrey Tikhonov, Chairman of Tizen Association Russia.

About Tizen.ru

The Tizen Association Russia (Tizen.ru) has been registered to create a Russian version of Tizen, a leading IoT and mobile platform. The open and flexible operating system Tizen is developed by an international community of developers. Tizen.ru will focus on protecting information both in state institutes, where it is essential, and in the private sector.

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