17 january 2018
MAYKOR-GMCS offers a convenient exchange of documents with SBIS

MAYKOR-GMCS extended the capabilities of the connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX including the integration with SBIS, the popular electronic document management system. The ready solution reduces the time and costs for setting up the exchange of documents with the accounting system.

The solution supports the exchange with any kinds of external and internal documents: orders, TORG-12, invoices, certificates, etc. The user forms documents in a familiar environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX and transfers them not individually, but immediately with a package using the connector for SBIS. The connector synchronizes the data of both systems, providing the electronic document flow without the restructuring of the well-established business processes.

In addition to SBIS, the MAYKOR-GMCS solution offers opportunities for document exchange between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Diadok.

"SBIS is a popular Russian document management system, so we decided to enhance our connector with integration with it. A ready-made solution allows the exchange of electronic documents with counterparties in a short time. This is much faster and cheaper than setting up integration yourself, for example, through the API" says Ksenia Chernikova, Business Director of MAYKOR-GMCS.

About SBIS

SBIS is a popular electronic document management system in Russia.

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