18 october 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS was recognized as one of the largest CRM suppliers according to TAdviser

TAdviser Analytical Center prepared a review of the Russian CRM market in 2016. MAYKOR-GMCS was once again included in the list of the largest suppliers of CRM systems.

The revenue of MAYKOR-GMCS for CRM software demonstrated positive dynamics. At the end of 2016, the growth was 12.3%.

TAdviser estimated the volume of the domestic CRM market at the level of 10.4 billion rubles. The market grew by about 5%, but the dynamics decreased. TAdviser analysts forecasted 8-10% market growth for 2017.

Aurika Savchuk, Director of the Department of Multifunctional Customer Solutions and Services, MAYKOR-GMCS, noted that the future of CRM systems would be closely connected with the development of new models of consumption and interaction (social media, messengers) that change the processes of customer service. In the context of their rapid change, CRM should ensure high availability of services and a single service delivery space.

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