6 april 2015
MAYKOR has entered the Top 10 Leaders of the IT services market according to a ranking by Kommersant Money magazine
The Kommersant Money (Kommersant Dengi) economic magazine has included MAYKOR in the Top 10 leading IT service providers in 2014. The company has climbed two positions in the list of IT service providers, as well as in the overall ranking on IT market.

Companies are evaluated based on a non-dimensional index, which takes into account their business scale. To a large extent, it is determined by the revenue of the company during the reporting period. The workforce, client diversification of the business, and network expansion also contribute to the overall index.

MAYKOR has improved its position due to revenue growth of over 17.4% at the end of 2014. The President of MAYKOR, Sergey Sulgin explained the positive trend despite the crisis by features of the IT outsourcing segment and correct company strategy. "We offer IT outsourcing at a time when companies are striving to save. We are trying to combine development and survival strategies. We are creating new services, which offer greater savings for our customers: for example, the BSaaS (business solution as a service) model involves the lease of IT infrastructure and technical support under subscription fee terms while providing the necessary staff," stated Sergey Sulgin.

As a whole, according to preliminary data of IDC Russia Research Company, the IT market in Russia shrank by 19% in 2014 (to $28.2 billion). In 2014, the supply of computer equipment decreased by 21% (in dollar terms), sales of replicated software – by 18%, IT services – by 15%.
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