14 september 2015
MAYKOR has joined the Strelka unified transport card project in Moscow Region
MAYKOR has won a seven-year service contract with UEC JSC. The project implements the Strelka unified transport card in Moscow Region. This is the longest outsourcing contract on the Russian market.

MAYKOR will take over creation and support of the portable fare collector system in public transportation of Moscow Region. It is planned to provide a stationary validators and related equipment to more than 5,000 vehicles of SUE Mostransavto and develop basic software to control the system, which will process social cards, Strelka UTC, PayPass and payWave bank contactless cards, and mobile QR tickets. Currently, the implementation is under way, with two branches of MAYKOR (capital and Moscow Region) involved in it. The replacement of equipment is being carried out simultaneously at 43 branches of Mostransavto.

“The launch of the portable fare collector system in buses of Mostransavto is planned by the end of the year. In future, these systems can be deployed on commercial vehicles. Currently, the Strelka single transport card is accepted by more than 100 municipal and commercial carriers in the region, and the payment is processed through mobile terminals,” stated Evgeny Kislyakov, Vice President of UEC JSC.

Technical support of the system, which consists of more than 19,000 pieces of equipment and software will be provided by the outsourcer over a period of seven years throughout the investment project of UTC.

“MAYKOR has a proven track record in the implementation of social service projects. In particular, the company participated in the pilot launch of cashless fare collectors in Moscow Region and is aware of all the twists and turns of such implementation. Our experience and expertise will help provide and ensure high-quality and high-tech services in the region and, in general, the success of UTC implementation as a unique investment project,” stated Lev Nakhmanovich, Vice President of MAYKOR.

The Strelka unified transport card is implemented at the expense of UEC JSC which was chosen by the Government of Moscow Region. This is the first precedent in the Russian transportation sector. The project operator is UTC LLC, a subsidiary of UEC JSC, and the project duration is seven years. On completion of the project, UEC JSC will transfer all documentation and work (including trademarks rights, patents, software, and other intellectual property) to the Government of Moscow Region.
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