5 march 2015
MAYKOR has won the National Program "The Best Social Projects of Russia"
MAYKOR company has become an award winner of the national program "The Best Social Projects of Russia", organized by "Social Projects and Programs" Foundation with the support of the Government of Moscow, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow.

The "Best Social Project Russia" program accumulates the best social projects practices and contributes to the development of good practices in this field among enterprises in the country. Every year, the names of the companies who have made a significant contribution to the corporate social responsibility promotion are announced. MAYKOR is included in this list as a company that contributes to the prestige of the engineering profession, particularly in high demand on the Russian labor market.

The results of the "Best Social Project Russia" program are determined by voting. MAYKOR role as a partner of the Art Exhibition of the State Tretyakov Gallery "Museum of Contemporary Art: The Department of Labor and Employment" was marked as outstanding. This project is one of the best in the category "Culture, Art, Religion". This exhibition was created with the support of the company, reflecting the perception of the labour activities by contemporary artists. Its purpose is to raise a concern on personnel shortages and low prestige of the technical professions. MAYKOR has prepared a series of photographs showing the real work of engineers and organized workshops to train in the engineering field exclusively for the exhibition project "Inzhinirium". This exhibition, which took place from September 2013 to March 2014 in the framework of the 5th Moscow Biennale, has become one of the most popular in this period.

"The scale of MAYKOR business and nature of work in the outsourcing market involves high social responsibility for our large staff, which is more than 5,000 employees working in all parts of Russia. The level of engagement of our staff determines largely the success of our business. In this regard, our goal is to maintain a positive attitude of our specialists to the business and, in general, contribute to the revival of engineering in the society. Our special project together with the State Tretyakov Gallery is an opportunity to show the importance and value of engineering through the arts," noted Irina Semenova, Vice President for Marketing of MAYKOR.
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