18 april 2018
MAYKOR helps the Republic of Armenia go digital
MAYKOR, a provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Digital Armenia Foundation. The parties held a meeting on April 16 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Digital Armenia's key objective is to implement a digital transformation program in Armenia aimed at stimulating the introduction of IT in all government entities to increase the efficiency of the state machinery and support the private sector. The memorandum confirms that MAYKOR and Digital Armenia Foundation will work together to help spread digital technologies in the republic under the project "Armenia's Digital Transformation Agenda 2018-2030".

According to the project, MAYKOR will perform several major tasks, including development and implementation of financial management, e-certification of veterinary products, environmental monitoring and control systems, as well as solutions for improving the quality of public services.

"All companies either already have or will face the phenomenon of digitalization in the near future. MAYKOR is focused on customer success as a top priority. As part of the program implementation process, we are planning to use innovative tools that meet the current needs in all spheres of state activities required to increase the quality and convenience of service to the people," says Denis Saenko, Executive Vice President at MAYKOR.

"In today's world of technology development, the speed and span of digitalization depends not only on business growth, but also on national development. Armenia has already reached a high level of technological maturity and is ready to speed up towards digital transformation. We believe that new technologies can increase state management efficiency in all fields," said Eduard Nersisyan, Executive Director of Digital Armenia Foundation.  
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