17 february 2015
MAYKOR Hits IAOP World Top 100 Outsourcing Service Providers Again
For the second straight year, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has placed MAYKOR on The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100 list in the "Leaders" category. The list was presented during the annual Outsourcing World Summit, which commenced on February 16 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100 has been compiled by an IAOP independent jury annually for the past 9 years. The list includes the world's leading companies that provide outsourcing services, from ITO and BPO, facility systems and real estate to asset management, manufacturing and logistics.

Research was conducted using strict rating methodology, with independent evaluation by key customers who have extensive experience in selecting outsourcing service providers and consultants for their organizations. This year, service providers were evaluated based on four main criteria. First, the size and growth of income during the year, number of employees, and geographical distribution. Second, the quality of service based on current client reviews, and various professional certificates. Third, innovative programs that positively impact clients' businesses. And lastly, companies' practices regarding corporate social responsibility.

Leaders' positions in these categories will be published in June 2015 as part of a special advertising feature by IAOP and Fortune magazine in the Fortune 500 special issue.

“Recognition of MAYKOR as one of the world's best in the industry proves to us that we are moving in the right direction and provides a huge boost for further development. Despite an unstable economy, we've managed to secure our growth rates and strengthen our positions both in the Russian market and in the international professional community. Integrating innovations into business delivers even more benefits to our clients,” said Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing, MAYKOR.

“Buyers understand there are hundreds of qualified service providers and advisors out there, but what they really need to understand now is what makes each exceptional,” said IAOP CEO, Debi Hamill. “The new Global Outsourcing 100 and World’s Best Advisors have done just that. We’re proud to recognize MAYKOR for receiving a highest rated in delivery excellence, innovation and CSR”.
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As the global, standard-setting association and advocate for outsourcing professionals and the organizations they support, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) annually produces the following research to help companies in their outsourcing decisions.
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