9 june 2017
MAYKOR included in TOP-20 IT service providers for transport according to CNews Analytics ranking
The CNews Analytics rating agency has prepared its annual ranking of the largest IT service providers for transportation companies for 2016. MAYKOR moved up four places in the ranking compared to the previous year.

Being a TOP-20 leading IT service provider for transportation companies ensured that MAYKOR was engaged in a number of ambitious projects in this sphere. The most significant of them was the project for UEC to implement the Strelka universal travelcard in Moscow Region, which MAYKOR has been working on since 2015. In 2016, MAYKOR’s revenue in the IT services for transportation segment increased by 56.2 %.

In general, the IT services for transportation market appears to be emerging from stagnation. The total revenue of the ranked providers rose by 37.2 %, reaching 27.6 billion. The companies spending the most on IT in 2016 were traditionally the railway and air transportation segments, as well as the public sector.
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