25 february 2015
MAYKOR in Partnership with Avanpost Implements a Service Project for FCS of Russia
The Federal Customs Service of Russia has sel ected Avanpost PKI's solution as its record keeping, management and control system for authentication and storage of key information (tokens). This system will be connected to all FCS personnel using tokens (around 50,000 people). Avanpost's Gold Partner – MAYKOR – performed installation and technical support for Avanpost PKI.

It should be noted that FCS of Russia previously used a foreign-made system for identification information and electronic keys management within its information system. The transition to an entirely Russian solution from Avanpost gives the customer more opportunities to apply different types of key media since Avanpost PKI supports all tokens and smart cards represented on the Russian market. In addition, FCS of Russia will be able to expand the new infrastructure of public keys with single authentication (SSO) features and identity and access management to information resources of the enterprise (IDM).

Under the terms of the tender documents, the new system should provide centralized management of the life cycle of personal devices for identification and authentication (key holders) for at least 50,000 units. It should also support the performance of all standard operations with electronic keys: registration and recording of tokens in a single database; creation and storage of a single catalog of electronic keys; reference to user accounts; life cycle management of electronic keys and reporting on their usage; generation of key pairs and an end-user license release at the stage of allocating electronic keys to users. Another requirement is the functioning of a solution in the unified directory service domain of the Unified Automated Information System of Customs Authorities, as well as compatibility with hardware and smart cards: E-Token and JaCarta (certified key carriers JaCarta PKI/BIO with biometric authentication).

"The right to create a new system for identification information and electronic keys management for all users of the FCS information system is a great honor and a great responsibility for our company and our Gold Partner," said Andrey Konusov, CEO of Avanpost. "We have to go beyond the well-known, foreign solution in all its aspects: functionality, reliability, usability, and quality of technical support. As a developer of Avanpost PKI's system, we will make every effort to earn the trust and meet the expectations of the customers, to strengthen the public image of Russian software."

"Today the policy of transitioning from foreign solutions in IT is in place in many industries, primarily in the public sector. Therefore, as one of the largest providers of IT outsourcing services to government organizations, MAYKOR actively cooperates with Russia's leading hardware and software manufacturers," said Ivan Andrianov, Senior Vice President of MAYKOR. "Due to constant interaction with Avanpost as the vendor under the FCS of Russia agreement, MAYKOR experts are able to quickly solve any technical issues, which guarantees uninterrupted customer service."
About Avanpost

Avanpost LLC is a leading Russian developer of identification and access control systems to information resources of the enterprise (IDM). It has operated on the information technology and information security market since June 2007 and today is the leader in the Identity Management segment. Avanpost's software solution has been successfully implemented in dozens of companies within various sectors. Moreover, the software solution is fully compliant with FZ-152 and STO BR IBBS requirements. Since 2012 the company has implemented a new business model, shifting fr om exclusive agreements with individual information security integrators to the distribution system by entering into partnerships with universal, information security and industry integrators.
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