23 april 2014
MAYKOR is among the largest IT companies in 2013 according to Kommersant
Kommersant has included MAYKOR in its annual list of the largest Russian IT companies for the second year in a row. MAYKOR's presence on the list, which was compiled by one of the leading business publications in the country, testifies to the strong position of MAYKOR on the IT market.

As noted by experts and companies whose business involves IT outsourcing services, for example, MAYKOR, can be the drivers of growth in the IT market as a whole. They know how to achieve decent growth even in conditions of stagnation.

The preliminary results of the Russian IT market in 2013 were calculated just last month by the research firm IDC Russia. According to these results, last month the market hardly grew at all, and turnover remained at 33-34 billion USD. This stagnation caused a drop of 2.2% in the area of equipment deliveries. For IT services, growth was positive at 2.7%.

In the corporate sector, which is not monitored by the government, expenditures on IT as a whole remained at their previous level, and weak demand was observed among small and medium sized enterprises. IDC forecasts that in 2014 demand for different forms of IT outsourcing will pick up.
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