6 july 2016
MAYKOR is a Partner of the Summer Programming School at Innopolis University
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, is the general partner of the summer Olympiad programming school for school students at Innopolis University. The support of the event is being implemented in accordance with an agreement between the company and the university, which includes cooperation in the field of IT engagement for children and youth.

The summer Olympiad programming school takes place at Innopolis University on July 6–16. This year it welcomes 79 high school students (forms 8–11) fr om 22 regions of Russia and 3 CIS countries. More than a half of participants are prize-winners of regional rounds of all-Russian Olympiads in mathematics and computer science.

"IT is a field wh ere professional development should begin as early as possible. We are delighted that business shows interest to events aimed at engaging youth in IT and strengthening their knowledge in programming. We hope to see many of the participants of the summer school as students at Innopolis University, and soon they will be creating new technology for Russian companies," said Olga Kornienko, Head of Subject-Oriented Academic Competitions Office at Innopolis University.

Apart from support of subject-oriented academic competitions, the cooperation between MAYKOR and Innopolis University includes workshops for students held by the company's top management staff, joint IT staff training events and the university's participation in MAYKOR's projects in developing cloud solutions.

"Supporting subject-oriented academic competitions in schools means working for the future. MAYKOR regularly launches new services, and works on support and improvement of our customers' corporate software as well as development of own software products, which is why we are interested in new talented IT employees. For that we aim at being an attractive employer for them," said Irina Semenova Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR.
About Innopolis University

Innopolis University is a non-state higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics. The main objective of the university is development and training of highly qualified IT students to bring domestic industry to a new level. The university is designed for 5000 students.
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