18 february 2016
MAYKOR is the Title Partner of the Open Olympiad in Computer Programming among school pupils held by Innopolis University
MAYKOR, a nationwide provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, became the title partner of the 2nd Open Olympiad in Computer Programming among school pupils held by Innopolis University. The on-site round of the Olympiad will be held on February 20–21, 2016.

Support for this event is part of MAYKOR's "Engineer as a Profession" social initiative, which is aimed at promoting technical professions in Russia.

"As the leader of IT outsourcing in Russia, MAYKOR needs to lay the groundwork for steady interest in professions that are demanded by the IT industry. This is a key area of MAYKOR's social initiatives, which are pursued in partnership with leading Russian universities and colleges. Supporting the Olympiad staged by the first specialized IT university is yet another contribution to the progress and promotion of IT professions in the country. Moreover, as a potential employer, we are eager to meet new talents of the next generation, and we are trying to create opportunities for professional growth of young specialists," said Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR.

Last year, over 1300 talented programmers from 67 regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS joined the competition. The Olympiad will be held in two rounds. During the correspondence round young coders are challenged with an on-line test which includes tasks provided by leading specialists in Olympiad programming, ACM ICPC world champions, and former winners of the International Olympiad in Informatics. The participants with the highest scores will be invited to Innopolis University for the on-site round. The tasks in this round match the difficulty of the all-Russian and international academic competitions.

The on-site round gives participants the opportunity to enhance their programming skills, receive valuable advice and recommendations from leading university staff, and learn about the higher education programs in IT and robotics offered in Innopolis. All finalists will receive value prizes from MAYKOR. The winners in the "11th grade" category will be entitled to study grants from the first Russian IT University.

The competition will be held in three age categories:

• 9th grade and below – for students of 7th-9th grades
• 10th grade
• 11th grade

"Every industry demands qualified IT specialists. Following world standards, school pupils are introduced to computers and programming from an early age. We acknowledge the interest of Russian IT companies in nurturing young programmers and welcome their willingness to support such events as the Open Olympiad in Computer Programming among school pupils from the Russian Federation and CIS staged by the University," said Olga Kornienko, Head of the Subject Olympiad Department at Innopolis University.
About Innopolis University 

Innopolis University is the first Russian University with a focus on advanced Computer Science and its applications. The key function of the university is training of highly qualified industry-ready IT specialists. Its capacity is 5,000 students.
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