10 december 2015
MAYKOR is the winner of the Best in CSR international competition
MAYKOR, a nationwide provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, is the winner of Best in CSR international competition, organized by Sustainable Business magazine. Based on the readers’ votes, "Engineer as a Profession" was recognized as the best project in two nominations: "The best case in Russia" and "Social Responsibility in Respect to Employees of the Company".

The purpose of the Best in CSR project is to highlight and expand responsible corporate behavior among companies in the CIS, and facilitate fruitful cooperation and exchange of experience within professional communities. More than 30 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus participated in the competition. Their cases will be published as the best socially responsible projects in the CIS.

MAYKOR’s "Engineer as Profession" program has been implemented since 2014. Its mission is the revival of prestige of the technical profession in the country. The program brings together internal and external initiatives of MAYKOR to improve technical training, promote engineering as a profession among young people, and create a positive attitude among employees to their work.
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