30 october 2014
MAYKOR launches mobile application development outsourcing initiative
MAYKOR launches a new business line - the mobile software development outsourcing. One of the company's current significant contracts is the development of a set of applications for YotaPhone.

The backbone of MAYKOR's Software Development Center is a team of developers from the Antares Software Group in Novgorod, which has 14 years of experience developing the mobile apps. Among the team's completed projects is "Preference" for Pocket PC, and Funny Photo, the app for distorting photos. It is one of Samsung's top free mobile apps, and it is also one of the most downloaded apps in South Korea and China. In addition, the team has created apps for the "Vedomosti" newspaper, a number of products for the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, a mobile guidebook to Novgorod, and others.

Sergey Sulgin, President of MAYKOR, said: "The MAYKOR initiative to provide mobile apps development services has been introduced as part of the implementation of the single point of contact principle for outsourcing. We continue to diversify MAYKOR's business by developing services that are relevant and in demand with our customers. We have succeeded in recruiting an experienced team of developers with an extensive range of expertise in order to successfully compete on the mobile development market, which is currently at the peak of its development." 

Currently MAYKOR has more than 80 developers, and in the coming year the company plans to double that number. One of the largest ongoing projects is the development of applications that come preinstalled on the first Russian smartphone, the YotaPhone.

The MAYKOR Software Development Center specializes in the creation and development of three main types of software products. Mobile applications for all types of mobile devices and platforms, web solutions for corporate websites, Internet stores, social networks, information portals and video streaming resources as well as embedded apps. The focus of the business will shift in favor of one of the fastest growing software markets: mobile applications.
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