9 october 2015
MAYKOR makes TAdviser's Top IT Outsourcers list
MAYKOR is again in the list of the largest IT outsourcing service providers according to a TAdviser study, with growth of more than 17% in 2014. Eleven of the company's projects made the list of the Top 25 largest-scale outsourcing projects in the Russian market.

According to TAdviser's database, MAYKOR is the leader in four out of the top five sectors according to the number of projects in the category of IT Outsourcing (includes only public projects). In particular, the company placed first in the financial services industry, public sector, trade, and telecoms. The largest IT outsourcing projects to support IT infrastructure are implemented for government institutions or government-linked companies, stated TAdviser experts. Based on their assessment, the IT outsourcing market has increased by 9% year-over-year, reaching 66.3 billion rubles. "The positive trend will continue in 2015 given the current exchange rate and the fact that the outsourcing model is cheaper for many companies than investing in their own IT development," noted they.
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