28 april 2015
MAYKOR Named A Leading IT Provider for Retail Operators in CNews Analytics Rating
According to year-end figures for 2014, MAYKOR has named a leading IT provider for the retail sphere in the CNews Analytics rating. For 3 successive years, the company stably holds a strong position in this rating.

Over 2014, MAYKOR raised its revenues from retail service sales by 16.5%, up to 5.3 billion rubles. Thanks to this, the company has become one of the top three in the rating. Total revenues of this triplet account for 48.3% of the rated companies' revenues. In general in 2014, total revenues of the 20 major IT providers for retail operators increased by 25.4% as compared to 2013, and equaled 32.076 billion rubles compared to 25.575 billion rubles earned in the previous year.

As demonstrated by the rating, despite economic difficulties, Russian retailers have not abandoned most scheduled IT conversions. "While early in 2014 retailers proposed large-scale IT projects, in the second six months, many initiatives were suspended or postponed. At the end of 2014 and start of 2015, high emotions settled down, and many retailers, having survived the panic period, returned to normal handling of IT projects," commented Sergey Osipov, MAYKOR-GMCS’ Director for Special Projects.
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