5 may 2016
MAYKOR proves its position in the list of largest IT outsourcing service providers for retail

According to year-end figures for 2015, MAYKOR was named the second leading IT provider for the retail sphere in the CNews Analytics rating. Revenue from IT services for retail last year amounted to 5.3 billion rubles, which corresponds to the previous period. This helped the company to maintain its position on the market in this segment.

According to the rating review, in 2015 total revenues of the 20 major IT providers for retail operators increased by 11.6%. So, dynamics continue to decline. However, analysts and market players are in no hurry to declare that retail has stopped investing in IT. More likely, customers are more thoroughly calculating the benefit of each project and carefully choosing their contractor. Experts interviewed by CNews say that cost reduction has affected mainly long-term projects with slow return on investment and difficult to predict cost effectiveness.

A significant number of tasks are associated with the optimization of existing IT infrastructure. Olga Gerasimova, Vice President of Key Accounts at MAYKOR, spoke about the tendency to outsource the maximum amount of available IT functions. “But here retailers also seek ways for optimization,” she said. “All last year, retail chains were involved in switching up tenders in order to reduce the cost of outsourcing services, and not so much by changing suppliers as by increasing the volume of contracts, transferring most functions to one vendor, etc.”

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