11 march 2015
MAYKOR provides smooth operations of MegaFon terminals
MAYKOR has announced the conclusion of a contract with MegaFon Retail for payment terminal services. Today, the outsourcer supports over a thousand MegaFon terminals across Russia. It is planned to increase the fleet up to 2,000 units in the near future.

MAYKOR specialists are responsible for the entire range of tasks to maintain smooth operations of MegaFon terminals, including repair. The emphasis is on preventive measures that allow a reduction in failures of the terminals and ensure a high level of payment services in mobile stores.

"MAYKOR provides technical support to MegaFon under a single contract for the entire network of the operator. This eliminates the need to look for other service partners in each region due to network expansion," commented Vladimir Volkov, Vice President for Key Accounts at MAYKOR.

The contract for technical support of payment terminals has been added to the list of services provided by MAYKOR to the mobile retailer. The outsourcer has long-term service relationships with MegaFon Retail, providing maintenance of cash registers in the mobile stores.
About MegaFon

MegaFon OJSC is a leading Russian universal telecommunication service provider, operating in all segments of the telecommunications markets in Russia. The Company and its subsidiaries have licenses to operate in all of the Russian regions and in the Republics of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan.

The Company was the first in Russia to launch 3G for commercial operations. In July 2012 MegaFon was awarded one of four ten-year licenses for the provision of 4G/LTE services throughout the entire Russian Federation and has already started providing these services in 50 different regions.
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