17 august 2016
MAYKOR Published its 2015 Social Responsibility Report
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, published its 3rd social responsibility report. The document covers the company's activities in the main corporate social responsibility areas according to ISO 26000:2010, taking into account the recommendations of the GRI G4 guidelines – the Global Reporting Initiative on sustainability reporting.

"The name of the current social responsibility report, "Efficiency and professionalism", reflects the key domains of our CSR strategy in 2015. The report lists the main activities intended to raise business productivity and employee efficiency, as well as the arrangements for protecting the interests of all stakeholders. It also outlines the most critical projects and their estimated social significance," commented Sergey Sulgin, President of MAYKOR, after report publication.

In 2015, MAYKOR laid special emphasis on organizational changes, preparing an extensive transformation program aimed at raising operational efficiency of the company while maintaining the quality of customer care. In particular, the company has introduced the position of Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Operations, implemented new sales techniques, a reporting and profitability monitoring system, and reorganized its financial services to create a universal service center. As a result, at the end of 2015, MAYKOR managed to retain return and profitability levels, despite the harsh economic conditions, and to avoid redundancies.

One of the key events in CSR development at MAYKOR in 2015 was the completion and publication of the company's Social and Environmental Policy. This document establishes the priority of projects which combine financial gains and positive impact on the social and ecological environment. Some of these projects are mentioned in the social responsibility report, including support and development of the IT infrastructure of Russian Post, design and development of the billing system for Kamchatskenergo as part of the major smart energy development project in the Far East of Russia, and design and support of the IT infrastructure of Strelka (Moscow region travelcard).

In 2015, MAYKOR also proceeded with the realization of significant projects in the areas of staff development and attracting in-demand professionals to the industry within the framework of the "Engineer as a Profession" program. It includes the development of the corporate training system, popularization activities for engineering professions, and cooperation with educational establishments in IT staff training. The program "Engineer as a Profession" received a great amount of public praise, along with the awards of the international CSR contest "Best in CSR" in two nominations: "The Best Case in Russia" and "Social Responsibility in Respect to Employees of the Company".

In addition, the social responsibility report accounts for MAYKOR's charitable activities. In 2015, the company spent over 5.3 million rubles on charity. These investments were routed to support orphanages (within the program "A Caring Future with MAYKOR"), people with disabilities ("Charity in Lieu of Souvenirs"), and sports events for children and youth ("Healthy Back" program).
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