24 april 2018
MAYKOR remains a TOP 3 IT provider for retail
CNews Analytics released its annual review "IT in Retail 2018". According to the rating, which is published as part of the review, MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, entered the TOP 3 largest IT providers in retail according to results from 2017.

MAYKOR has held a leading position in the list of IT providers for retailers for several years. In 2017, the company had 5.8 billion rubles in revenue from IT services in this segment, which amounts to 53% of the company's total revenue. Key customers in this area include Svyaznoy, X5 Retail Group, Hoff, Sportmaster, Auchan, Dixy, and others.

According to CNews Analytics, in 2017 the revenue of the 20 largest IT providers in retail increased by 22.7% and reached 49.1 billion rubles. Among the key, major events of the past year are activities related to the modernization and replacement of the cash register fleet in accordance with federal law 54-FZ.

MAYKOR also notes a lot of work in transferring points of sale to online cash registers for federal and regional retailers. At the same time, according to Vasily Skrynsky, Vice President of Key Accounts at MAYKOR, "the trend for comprehensive IT services and industry-specific infrastructure continues, and there is marked interest in new formats for working with the service partner, for example, in turnkey services".
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