24 december 2015
MAYKOR's Contribution to Russian Swimming Acknowledged by Russian Swimming Federation
The Russian Swimming Federation (RSF) awarded a certificate to MAYKOR for its contribution to swimming development in Russia. A solemn awards ceremony for RSF partners closed the International Vladimir Salnikov Cup Swimming Tournament in St. Petersburg.

MAYKOR has been supporting the Russian Swimming Federation for 2 years. MAYKOR's social program Healthy Back includes support for RSF sporting events and promotion of aquatics among children, youth, and the company's workers. The program was implemented in 2014 and aims to prevent musculoskeletal system disorders and improve the health of young people and the company's workers.

This year, MAYKOR provided support for an international training session of young swimmers, the Merry Dolphin Swimming Tournament in St. Petersburg, the Russian Swimming Championships in Moscow, the Junior Swimming Tournament in Volgograd and the Vladimir Salnikov Cup. A team of MAYKOR employees took to the blocks for an amateur race that opened the Russian Swimming Championships, where they faced challengers from social organizations and government agencies.
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