28 april 2016
MAYKOR Summarizes Intermediate Results of Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Conservation
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, summarizes results of occupational safety and health and environmental conservation for 2015. The company fully implemented planned programs to improve occupational safety and health conditions and to reduce occupational risks, and also launched a number of initiatives to improve the ecological culture of the staff.

In particular, a special assessment of working conditions was organized in 19 MAYKOR branches and at the head office. According to its results, the working conditions in all workplaces were recognized as valid. This year plans are to carry out a corresponding assessment in other regions.

Specialists from the Department of Health, Safety, Security and Environment initiated internal audits of branches for compliance with the requirements of occupational and fire safety. Furthermore, targeted checks were carried out in all branches for observance of fire safety requirements and compliance with the requirements of occupational safety when working at heights. In order to draw the attention of workers to safety in the workplace, the department held a company-wide contest “Photo of Safety”, whose winners received cash prizes.

As part of improving the occupational, fire safety and environmental corporate program, the company developed documents that govern the monitoring and measuring of the effectiveness and impact of the occupational, fire safety and environmental management system, training of employees to be permitted to work at heights, provision of protective clothing, as well as defining requirements for contractors in order to ensure occupational safety.

In addition, in 2015 MAYKOR was active in the sphere of environmental protection. In particular, the company implemented a compulsory evaluation of ecological risks for outsourcing projects and began the practice of distributing newsletters on the rational use of resources in order to improve the ecological culture of the staff.
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