26 october 2016
MAYKOR Switches to Procurement Via Competitive Bidding
MAYKOR has announced its new policy of product and service procurement via competitive bidding. This practice is being adopted as a part of the corporate transformation program to decrease the cost of company services through cost reduction and optimization of business processes.

The company's expectations for the competitive bidding include a significant reduction in procurement costs for goods and services both for general duties and service projects for customers. The estimated potential savings due to open competitive procedures and business process re-engineering may reach 10-15%. This, along with some other optimization measures, will allow the company to retain competitive customer prices for its services. It will also make the procurement process more transparent and guarantee the vendors equal terms for competitive bidding.

MAYKOR provides IT outsourcing services to Russia's leading companies, which tend to increase monitoring and pricing analysis for procured services. This trend was the incentive for MAYKOR to minimize its own procurement costs and increase transparency. While encouraging competition among its providers, MAYKOR is increasing its own competitiveness in the Russian IT outsourcing market.

As part of the preparation for procurement via competitive bidding, the company has also changed its procurement operating model. Specifically, it has switched from purchasing for each subdivision separately on the basis of purchase requisitions to larger purchases based on demand analysis for the previous months and on medium-term planning for the contracts made with customers. The corporate procurement policies have also undergone revision, and a permanent procurement committee was established. The committee's responsibilities include impartial and objective evaluation of each bid and tender award decision. The corporate website now features a section for interaction with the providers and informing them about new tenders. In this section you can also see the program for maintaining a potential bidders register. The providers included in this register will benefit from simplified bidding procedures.

The basic electronic trading platform for open-bid buying will be OTC.ru. Providers may take part in the competitive bidding for MAYKOR on this website free of charge.
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