25 june 2015
MAYKOR to Adopt Global Practice of Appraising Outsourcing Projects for Environmental and Social Risks
MAYKOR announced that it will now implement mandatory environmental and social risks appraisal for outsourcing projects. With this move, the national Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services joins the rank of leading global companies that adhere to international best practices designed to help protect the environment, increase social responsibility and promote sustainable business development in the long run.

The company’s responsibilities in this area are documented in its Environmental and Social Policy. As a general rule, MAYKOR will not participate in projects that could cause damage to the environment and/or society, or in activities with a high degree of environmental and social risks. The priority for the company is executing outsourcing contracts aimed at resource conservation, efficient using of technology, protection for customers’ human resources, as well as support for initiatives with high environmental and social outputs.

MAYKOR’s Environmental and Social Policy describes in detail the approach the company has institutionalized for managing environmental and social risks. Key points include creating the post of manager of environmental and social risks, introducing the practice of ranking projects according to the degree of risk (low, medium and high) presented and the likelihood of their occurrence, as well as establishing an approval system for projects with potential risks. This approval system includes mandatory project evaluation by the special commission, which comprises the environmental and social risks management team, the project manager, representatives from the legal department and the company's top management. For projects with average risk, the commission provides assistance to customers by presenting measures that minimize and offset the adverse environmental and social impacts. These measures and conditions are incorporated into service agreements to ensure the management of environmental and social risks is enforced throughout the duration of the projects. In cases where projects are deemed to have a high degree of risk, the company will not move forward with them.

"Social responsibility is a key aspect of business. This is especially important for a company like MAYKOR that has a substantial footprint across Russia which in turn creates a sizeable impact in the communities we operate in. By adhering to the world standard in environment and social protection as part of fulfilling our service contracts, we contribute to the sustainable development of our customers and help steer the Russian outsourcing industry towards increased maturity," said Irina Semenova, MAYKOR’s vice president of marketing.
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