28 september 2017
MAYKOR top managers make the list of Russia's best managers
On September 28, the Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House released the results of the annual rating "TOP 1000 Russian Managers". MAYKOR President Sergey Sulgin again made the list of the best top leaders in information technology. The country's leading managers also include MAYKOR Executive Vice President Denis Saenko and MAYKOR Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications Irina Semenova.

This is not the first time the Russian community has celebrated the success of MAYKOR's top managers. Sergey Sulgin was named among the best managers for the third time, and Irina Semenova was named in the rating four years in a row.

The key achievements of MAYKOR's management team over the past year include effective updating of the company's development strategy with consideration for the challenges of the digital economy, development and successful implementation of a campaign to transfer customers to a new procedure for use of cash registers in accordance with 54-FZ, and introduction of an innovative outsourcing model on the Russian market called gainsharing, where the contractor's revenue depends on the customer's revenue. MAYKOR is listed among the leading IT companies in the country's most authoritative ratings, and every year it confirms its position in the list of the world's leading outsourcing companies.

The TOP 1000 Russian Managers rating has been compiled since 2001 and is a tool to assess the business reputation of Russia's leading top managers. The purpose of the rating is to study the views of the best Russian managers about their colleagues who in the previous year demonstrated significant results in management activities and showed the greatest impact on the Russian economy. The list is traditionally compiled according to the principle of "the best select the best" on the basis of the opinions of Russia's leading top managers and functional managers.
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