3 july 2014
MAYKOR tops among outsourcers according to Expert RA
MAYKOR finished first in a rating published by Expert RA, a leading analytical agency, of companies offering service support and outsourcing.

The rating was for the first time compiled as part of research done on the IT market in 2013, as prior to that point the outsourcing and service support segment had been considered part of IT services. According to the results of 2013, service support and outsourcing made up almost a third of the total revenue brought in by the companies represented in the IT services rating. Given that fact, it was decided that the outsourcing market should be looked at separately.

The rating totaled 30 suppliers of outsourcing services across Russia evaluated by Expert RA analysts for revenue earned via outsourcing services as well as growth in that number over 2012. Service support and outsourcing are among MAYKOR’s core competencies, which landed the company at the top of the list.
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