17 december 2014
MAYKOR to Service Rostelecom's Local Lines in Three Municipalities of Volga Federal District
MAYKOR signed maintenance contracts with Rostelecom under which it will be servicing lines and cable-supporting structures of the carrier's local networks in three municipalities of the Volga Federal District.

“A highlight of this outsourcing project is that the technical support fee is tied to the operator's revenue from telecom services provided within a specific area. This makes us financially interested in ensuring the network's operation is uninterrupted. MAYKOR's expertise and vast experience in servicing telecom facilities enable us to guarantee a high quality of service,” says Dmitry Selivanov, MAYKOR's Vice President of Key Account Relations.

MAYKOR, a nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing services, is tasked with ensuring uninterrupted telecom services in the Vavozh District of Udmurtia and in the Alexandrovka and Pervomaisk Districts of the Orenburg Region. The company's job is to make sure that Rostelecom subscribers receive timely and quality services as part of Rostelecom's broadband Internet access, IP TV, and local telephony packages, monitor network status, perform maintenance and repairs on network lines and cable-supporting structures, subscriber lines, and pay phones offering unified communication services.

MAYKOR experts will be responsible for seasonal maintenance on telecom facilities and other preventative measures to ensure uninterrupted network operations.
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