19 september 2014
MAYKOR Vice President of Marketing Breaks into List of Top Russian Managers
Irina Semenova, vice president of marketing at MAYKOR, was listed among the Top 1,000 Russian Managers, a list compiled by the Russian Managers Association in partnership with Kommersant. Irina was named one of the best hundred marketing managers, finishing fourth in the IT industry.

Irina Semenova joined MAYKOR as vice president of marketing in 2011 and is responsible for marketing strategy development and overall management of marketing activities. Support for MAYKOR driven marketing wing was key to the company improving its position in a variety of industry ratings for 2013 both in Russia and abroad. In particular, MAYKOR made it into the hundred leading outsourcers in the world according to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and finished first in a rating of Russian outsourcing companies compiled by Expert RA.

As was noted in Kommersant’s overview of the rating, the list of top marketing managers saw a 70% turnover as compared to the preceding year. Another interesting tidbit was that the number of women was up 10% since 2008, speaking about the growing impact made by women on management processes.

The Top 1,000 Russian Managers rating is in its fifteenth straight year of ferreting out the country’s managers—those bringing their companies better results than anyone else. Its goal is to study what the best Russian managers think of their colleagues who last year demonstrated the most outstanding results in the management world and supremely impacted the Russian economy.
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