4 june 2014
MAYKOR will be responsible for operating the engineering infrastructure at the new Mercator’s factory in Kaluga
Mercator Kaluga is a factory producing mounted cleaning equipment that began production at the end of May 2014. It is equipped with the latest integrated engineering systems that meet all the requirements of modern production, including efficiently exploiting natural resources. Instead of creating an in-house service department, management decided to bring in a specialized company to provide technical support for those systems, a common practice among global manufacturers.

MAYKOR won the tender and sign a comprehensive service agreement with Mercator Kaluga. In keeping with the agreement, the outsourcer will provide for the stable functioning of the new factory’s entire engineering infrastructure: safety systems, water supply and drainage, sewage, ventilation, access management and control, electricity, and gas. MAYKOR’s assignments also include support for the external systems owned by the company’s new client.

“We prioritize business effectiveness, which is why we do our best to focus our resources on manufacturing processes, while non-profile functions, in particular maintaining our engineering infrastructure, can be handed off to outside specialists. It is important that our service partner completely handles our internal maintenance service, both reacting to possible problems and doing everything necessary to ensure that our engineering systems enjoy a high level of failure resistance, noted Igor Khramtsov, General Director at Merkator Kaluga.

“Outsourcing in the manufacturing sector is making a comeback. MAYKOR’s practice has seen more contracts for comprehensive engineering infrastructure service coming in each year from manufacturers. We hope that Mercator Kaluga’s positive experience will be picked up by other producers, as that would undergird the further development of outsourcing in the manufacturing industry as an effective business model for meeting non-profile business needs,” noted Leonid Futlik, Vice President of Business Development at MAYKOR.
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