30 october 2015
MAYKOR will help students learn how to work
In the 2015-2016 academic year, in the framework of the "ENGINEER as a profession" corporate program, MAYKOR intends to strengthen the level of practical training of future engineers in the field of IT services, engineering, and industry infrastructure. Technical students of Russian colleges and universities will have the opportunity to undergo training and gain practical experience at the branches and service divisions of MAYKOR at any region, as well as at the central office in Moscow. This initiative is devoted to the Engineers' Day, celebrated on October 30.

It will be the first mass recruitment of trainees by MAYKOR, although the company has been working with students for some time. In particular, 67 future experts in various fields have undergone training at 19 branches with a focus on technical specialisms. Many of them continue the work as part-time employees in their free time. Practice at MAYKOR enables them to not only complete learning objectives, but also to gain experience of working for a federal company, access to its knowledge base, corporate training, and later to become a permanent member of the team.

MAYKOR is actively involved in the training of applied technology specialists and managers in the IT sector. In particular, this year, the company's top management will present lectures on Information Technology Management for undergraduates of MSU School of Business. The course is scheduled for 24 hours, and is devoted to techniques in IT management, industry-specific knowledge, technologies and standards of IT management features, and career advancement in this sector. It is also planned to conduct master classes at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University on the topic "Outsourcing in the Finance Area."

"We want to become a "university" for the industry, focusing on creating experts in for applied systems and fostering a strong management team with deep expertise in IT and outsourcing. This contribution is valuable for both sustainable development of the company, as well as from the perspective of overall competitiveness of Russian IT industry in the world market," stated Irina Grigorian, Vice President of HR MAYKOR.
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