6 february 2013
MECOMS™ set the standards of work of TGC-2 in billing and customer serving
With the help of a single informational settlement system with customers of energy sources and services TGC-2 plans to reach a new level of serving in Yaroslavl and Arkhangelsk regions.

MECOMS™ allows TGC-2 to increase payment collection for consumed services, loyalty and efficiency of personnel work in sales branches, and the most important – consumer’s contentedness of serving quality. It will be possible because of centralized access to customer data, resources procurement, regular checking payments with customers for whole range of services, increased public awareness of calculation principles of service size and cost, and consequently, motivation to pay in time.

Implemented system allows TGC-2 to solve tasks effectively. In particular, it is more quality cooperation with companies that serving metering devices of heat energy, including maintenance of a unified technical passport database of housing areas and objects of energy consumption.

The launch of billing system is planned to spring of 2013. The system fixes up the high level service with more 200 thousand consumers of TGC-2 including individuals and more 6 thousand corporate entities (it involves manufacturing facilities).

Currently, the first step was completed. GMCS elaborated special solution on the base of MECOMS™ that combines the key processes of sale: contracts accounting and maintaining, consumption accounting, personal account with the history for each customer, collection of readings, calculations and regular payments. At the moment, it is implementing the system on pilot fields; the management offices in Yaroslavl and Arkhangelsk regions.

"We see the demand of MECOMS ™ system from the largest energy companies in the country and in the different regions. Model of the organization of the service process, the proposed MECOMS ™, are well adapted to the needs of the customer. And this is extremely important, because each region has its unique specificity: calculation methods, the availability of relevant data on the housing area, the responsibility of consumers to pay for services, etc.," says Oleg Lisov, vice president of GMCS, "We see prospects of our solutions for the effective application in all regions of the Russian Federation and for any kind of communal resources (electricity, water, gas and other services)."

About TGC-2

TGC-2 is is a heat and elcectricity supplier in the Nort East of Russia covering 6 regions including Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vologda, Tver, Novgorod and Arhangelsk. Installed capacity is 2.500 MW and 12000 GKal/hour. The company is the main heat supplier in 4 regional capitals.

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