11 september 2013
Microsoft and GMCS offer new possibilities for call-centers
Microsoft Co. has registered a specialized solution of GMCS, member of GC MAYKOR, for call-centers on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, use of which allows to increase the level of client service in the key directions and with the different sizes of client base.

The solution can be used for support for company's call-center, and for outsourcing call-centers and home agents.

The solution GMCS helps to organize work of the most modern multifunctional call-center. The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and flexible configuration mechanism allows to deploy quickly the solution for call-center of telecommunications company, as well as of power company or a company providing professional services. The concept of single window operator, a single interface for all types of calls and unified communications platform allows to achieve cost savings in the client service, the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

The single-window interface of the operator is optimized for the fastest data loading phase - within a few seconds, allowing to answer the phone quickly and reduce the waiting time and, as a consequence, the time of client service. In particular, in the single window the operator can track the history of interaction with each client, including requests received through various channels (call, website, personal account, email), status of the response to each request, and receive quick feedback. In addition, in the single window data is consolidated from the different service, billing, geo-information system that reflects the network map and also hosts the network infrastructure and other sources of information, which is especially important for telecommunications companies.

The key components of the solution are also CTI-panel for work with client’s telephony in single-window mode, statistics widgets, customized by the operator, tools, obtaining the necessary analytical reporting.

"Today, when the traditional call-centers comes to the past and the customer-oriented companies select functional call-centers with multichannel services, the market requires a qualitatively new solution. A tool that we offer is simple and initiative to use, includes wide functionality and allows to carry out proactive customer service across all channels of communication, including the popular social networking," says Svetlana Gudkova, Director of Department of Microsoft products, GMCS.

In addition to the call-center, the solution can be effectively used by the sales, service, marketing offices, and applied directly at the point of sale. For example, employees of the point of sale are given the opportunity to work efficiently with a customer base, the applications registration and printing of documents (contracts, statements, invoices, etc.).

"Companies should not only handle clients’ requests, it is important to be able to look at a couple of steps forward, feel the needs of the customer and offer him the best set of services. Call-center plays one of the key roles in this process. Thanks to the expertise of our partners, companies gain valuable competitive advantage and new opportunities to achieve their business goals with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for the call-center," said Oksana Kruglova, Head of CRM-solutions, Microsoft in Russia.

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