21 june 2013
Microsoft has registered CRM-solution of GMCS for Public Sector
Microsoft Co. has registered a specialized solution of GMCS for Public Sector on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, designed for organization and effective management of the provision of different public services.

The solution is focused on the use by government agencies engaged in receiving, processing and review applications from individuals and legal entities. Components of the solution can also be used in a variety of federal government agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as in the management structure of the regional government.

GMCS’ solution on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for the Public Sector corresponds to the concept of xRM and offers enhanced capabilities to solve effectively the three main tasks: to improve the system of data accounting and management data, to form new channels of communication with the consumers of public services, to develop the system storage and management of data. It is projected that by 2018, 70% of Russia's population will use public services in electronic form. By this time, it will be formed a single information space for the interaction of people and the state, which opens up broad prospects for solutions of GMCS.

The solution contains the necessary functionality for the management of application processing, forming a unified integrated space for an effective work of employees in the following processes, connected with public services: entering and editing data of applications, work execution for the intended purpose, review and preparation of documents on demand, entering and editing data on consumers of public services.

The solution enables to handle incoming requests from the official website of the organization of the federal public information system "The unified portal of state and municipal services," as well as ones, registered in the internal system of electronic document. At the same time government employee receives a single point of processing applications for public service. Formation of a request to get information, needed to process the application, from another public body automatically is based on pre-configured templates.

"The process of providing public services should be transparent and understandable to the end user. But it must also be convenient and for employees of state organizations. The solution is developed by us with the key challenges in the field of informatization process of providing public services. Its use contributes to higher quality and lower cost process for public services, as well as the execution of other state functions," says Svetlana Gudkova, Director of Department of CRM products, the company GMCS.

In addition, the solution GMCS provides wide opportunities for generating different types of analytical reporting. The use of modern architecture in the solution of such products Microsoft, as Dynamics CRM, BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server, is a guarantee of scalability, fail-safety and security of the solutions.

"Automation of processes of interaction with the public and businesses in the provision of public services and other functions is one of the priorities of this cooperation. We are pleased that, together with the solutions of our partners, we are able to offer to government agencies convenient tools that can be used to optimize the processes of interaction with customers as well as for inter-agency cooperation, and improve service quality and efficiency of the institutions as a whole," says Pavel Sidorov, head of the development direction of Microsoft Dynamics in Public Sector, Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

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