19 january 2015
Microsoft has registered CRM solution of MAYKOR-GMCS for furniture factories
Microsoft has registered CRM solution of MAYKOR-GMCS for furniture production on a platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The solution is designed for furniture factories, which have well-developed network of partners and its own retail chain, and are interested in improving customer satisfaction with quality of service, efficiency of sales and regional managers, as well as reducing the volume of claims on current contracts.

The unified system automates the process of interaction with clients, design studios and partners on key areas: order receiving and processing, measurement, design project works, contracts and payment management. The main advantages of the solution include: the ability to monitor the execution of each order online, consolidate service processes and the associated electronic document, and provide analysis on the basic parameters of the network to assess the effectiveness of business management and solve actual production and marketing problems.

The daily work of managers, designers and gager is simplified with developed application "Single window of a designer" that consolidates the necessary information on customers, orders and payments in a comfortable workspace. So, the manager can quickly find and view data on customer orders, create and manage contracts, fix measurement time, work with design projects, plan the time (calls, meetings, etc.) and monitor task performance. Automated process of preparing, printing the package of standard documents (contracts, acts, additional agreements and so on.) and exchanging these documents with a factory-manufacturer reduces man-hours in the interaction of a design studio with clients and factories.

Contained dashboards allow managers of different access levels to analyze sales information, order status, etc., thereby increase the effectiveness of decision-making.

"Regardless of whether a client turns to a brand furniture store in the capital or a small partner shop in a region, the client should receive the high quality service that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The solution of our company allows managing efficiently all the processes of interaction with customers and receiving a variety of reports by flexible configurable dashboards and widgets. When necessary the solution possibility can be extended through integration with other Microsoft business products and the customer’s IT systems," says Svetlana Gudkova, Director of CRM department, MAYKOR-GMCS.

"The specifics of furniture production involve manufacture and sale of a serial product of customized furniture with a wide network of partner companies. And only customer-oriented company can win in these conditions today. Together with our partners we offer a furniture production solution on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which improves service quality and provides real tools for sales growth," adds Olga Rusnak, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Promotion Manager, Microsoft Russia.

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