24 november 2016
Microsoft has registered the CRM solution of MAYKOR-GMCS for manufacturing companies
Microsoft Russia has registered a CRM-solution of MAYKOR-GMCS for manufacturing companies based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The solution allows manufacturing companies to effectively manage complex sales cycle and improve the quality of customer service from the different segments.

The solution automates the interaction management with clients in the key areas: processing of applications (including electronic trading platforms), offer preparation, agreement of production terms and conditions, conclusion of contracts, control of production, delivery and payment of finished products.

Through the use of a single window the sales managers can see all the necessary information on transactions and customers. The solution provides the ability to control execution of sales budget. To simplify interaction with internal departments it provides a participation mechanism that allows a sales manager to monitor a status of task execution related to the sales.

Tracking of sales effectiveness and personnel performance can be carried out with a sales funnel and specialized datamarts, customizable for specific customer problems.

"Manufacturing companies stand out for a complex production and commercial cycle. Managing office and production facilities can be located in different regions. Our solution allows standardizing the sale process, optimizing and synchronizing the work of different departments (production, sales, marketing, etc.) involved in the sales process and order execution," says Anton Nazarov, Business Director of CRM Department, MAYKOR-GMCS.
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