29 january 2018
MONT named MAYKOR-GMCS the best seller of IBM analytical solutions

According to the results of 2017, MONT, one of the largest software distributors in Russia, noted MAYKOR-GMCS as the "Best Seller of IBM Analytical Solutions". The solemn celebration was held on January 25, 2018.

MAYKOR-GMCS and MONT have a successful longstanding partnership. MAYKOR-GMCS has repeatedly received the high praise for the work from MONT.

To date, MAYKOR-GMCS is one of the leading IBM partners in Russia with Gold status. The company has extensive experience in implementing projects based on Cognos Analytics in the energy, retail, manufacturing, public sector and other industries. And the company has expertise in the predictive analytics using IBM SPSS and IBM ILOG solutions. In addition to analytical solutions, MAYKOR-GMCS offers solutions for asset management based on IBM MAXIMO and property management based on IBM TRIRIGA
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