29 november 2007
Moving with the times: GMCS implements industry-specific solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0
GMCS announces a global transfer of the company's industry-specific solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 to the new version of the platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. 

The range of GMCS industry-specific solutions currently includes 11 business applications designed to meet specific customer demands outside the standard functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics AX* system.

With the launch of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX system in Russia featuring expanded functionality and high performance, GMCS consultants faced the task of adapting the company’s industry-specific solutions taking into account these features.

The main purpose of adaptation is to avoid doubling extended functionality of the standard solutions with that of GMCS industry-specific solutions and offer customers the specialized business application based on the modern high-capacity system that would support simultaneous operation of several thousand users.

''Extended functionality and additional technical features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 enable us to guarantee high quality of the performance when implementing the latest version of the system with our customers and be sure that at least two issues will be already taken care of, that is the system will already include new business processes and will have sufficient productivity," says Ilya Drozman, Director, Microsoft Products, GMCS. "Further evolution of GMCS industry-specific software products will now deal with new tasks particular to the business of our clients."

Presently, all new GMCS projects of implementing the Microsoft Dynamics AX management system start with the last version of the system and use adapted industry-specific solutions. GMCS has as of now completed implementing solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 at Westelcom, Zebra Telecom, GlobalTel, GLOBUS-TELECOM, and MTs NTT. In January 2008, the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 system will be launched with four other companies.

* GMCS has developed and successfully implements the following industry-specific business solutions: 

for storage – GMCS Cargo Terminal
for distributed companies – GMCS Consolidation
for telecommunications companies – GMCS Telecom
for oil & gas companies – GMCS oil&
for construction project management – GMCS CapEx 
for cash flow management – GMCS Cash Flow
for financial investment management – GMCS Securities
for inquiry tracking – GMCS Tracker
universal reporting system – GMCS Reporting
real estate management system – GMCS Real Estate.

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