20 march 2017
МТТ has gone over to omnichannel CRM

MAYKOR-GMCS has transferred OAO Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT), a Russian telecommunications services company, to a single service platform for customers and partners based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The new CRM system will help the operator to develop omnichannel services, effectively serve customers and optimize interaction with agents.

The CRM system provides MTT with b2b sales cycle management (deals, leads, counterparts, contracts) and services management – work with applications and requests received through various service channels. The system also provides a high level of communication and services for the b2o segments (operator segment) and b2a (interaction with agents).

The new CRM system will be used by sales managers and service specialists, and in a contact center of MTT. A single customer base and a single product catalog simplify the work of personnel. The system holds the complete customer profile, including the history of interaction, applications, contracts, appeals. Special dashboards allow monitoring the performance of managers and SLA counters allows monitoring the compliance with deadlines for application execution and maintaining a high level of support.

"Our company has been cooperating with MTT for a long time, and we are glad that the operator entrusted us with an implementation of the next project. To solve the set tasks, we used the components of our own CRM solution for telecommunication companies, which allows minimizing a number of system improvements to meet the customer’s needs and the total implementation period," says Aurika Savchuk, Director of Department of Multifunctional Customer Solutions and Services, MAYKOR-GMCS.

"We strived to unify the solutions with CRM, as well as to provide more effective integration of IT systems and quick adaptation of business applications to the client's requirements," adds Oleg Ermolenko, Director of the MTT Business Support Center. "The work done by MAYKOR-GMCS allow us to automate the personal marketing management in the CRM system in the future."

In accordance with industry specifics, the CRM-system is integrated with billing systems, corporate telephony, e-mail messaging system and cloud services of MTT – “MTT Business” and YouMagic.Pro.

About MTT

Multiregional TransitTelecom (МТТ) is a Russian operator of a nationwide multi-service network, which has provided a wide range of telecom services to telecom operators, to corporate and private customers in Russia and worldwide for 19 years.

MTT provides intercity and international telecom services and establishes efficient interaction at all levels with more than 1200 mobile and fixed operators both in Russia and abroad, based on our own digital multi-service network with points of presence in all regions of Russia.

MTT has intensively developed new state-of-the-art telecom services, in addition to classic telecom services. Today, the company’s service portfolio includes: IP telephony for private and corporate customers, Intelligent Telecom Networks, including 8–800\8–804 free-call numbers, MVNO, SMS Transmission Service, Virtual Exchange, direct-dial numbers of Russia’s million+ cities and other countries etc. MTT provides GPRS roaming service for major mobile wireless telecom operators, national and international GPRS roaming (GRX service), telematics services and data transmission services as well as ОКС-7 signalling traffic routing and transmission. MTT was the first company in Russia to provide worldwide IPX roaming to telecom operators. МТТ continues to provide traditional long-distance (inter-city and international) telecom service to private and corporate customers.

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