12 july 2012
Natalia Ovcharenko appointed Vice President of GMCS
GMCS reports on the appointment of Natalia Ovcharenko to the office of the Company's Vice President.

Natalia will be in charge of the implementation of GMCS strategic plans in the IT-consulting market in the North-Western Region. The GMCS Branch in Saint Petersburg has been operating since 2005. The Branch activities are focused on relations with large and medium businesses in the North-Western Region, support of GMCS's customers that have their Representative Offices in the North-West. The GMCS Branch has implemented over 20 projects for the years of work in the IT-market of the region. Among them are (broken down by industries): telecom Peterstar, National Taxophone Network, Petersburg Transit Telecom, North-West Telecom), production and machine-building industry (OTIS, Neva Cable, Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant ), food industry (Valio), distribution and retail sales (SuperWave, T-Pay), professional services (SE Interleasing), oil and gas industry Naryanmarneftegaz), pharmaceuticals industry (STPF Polysan), public sector (regional branches of FSUE Rosmorport and FSUE Goznak).

"In terms of economic development rates, the North-Western Region is one of the most dynamic. Large and medium businesses are densely concentrated in the region, and in the first place, among them are enterprises of machine-building, extraction, and pharmaceuticals industries, fuel and energy complex, food industry and public sector. GMCS has one of the most powerful expertise in these segments," comments Ekaterina Voropayeva, GMCS President. "The appointment of Natalia Ovcharenko will become an impulse to expand the borders of the GMCS presence in the North-West IT-market with respect to both current and new directions of activities and new products added to our product line for the last three years. Some interesting projects have already started under her supervision."

With her more than 15 years of work experience in the field of management consulting and information technologies, Natalia Ovcharenko is one of the brilliant professionals of the IT-community. As Vice President, Natalia will focus on the GMCS business development in the North-Western Region, in which she will be in charge of the implementation of the company's strategic initiatives, sales and promotion of the GMCS's whole range of services and solutions.

"I’ve been watching the GMCS activities for a long time and I’m really happy to have an opportunity to join the GMCS team," says Natalia Ovcharenko. "It is especially interesting for me as for a specialist to handle a unique GMCS product line which covers solutions for not only day-to-day company management tasks but also specific sector business task such as billing, effective equipment maintenance and repair, strategic planning, quality management etc. As an expert of the North West market with which my professional activities are associated, I see a potential that these solutions will be used by the companies in the region. My experience and knowledge will focus on the increase of new project in accordance with the GMCS expertise and practices."

Natalia Ovcharenko was born in 1966 in Saint Petersburg; graduated fr om the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), specialization: Applied Mathematician (1985-1990); Institute of Economics and Finance (Saint Petersburg) specialization: Accounting and Audit, Economist (2001), International Management Institute – Professional Management Certificate (2006).

Natalia began her career in 1990 at the LETI named after Ulyanov (Lenin) (Spb ETU). 1995-1996 - worked for Alliance Consulting. In 1996, she switched over to Uniland, a wholesale and retail holding, in which she rose through the ranks from Financial Optimization Department Specialist to Audit Director. From 2000 to 2002 – System Analytic at Crystal Service Holding, in which she participated in the development and deployment of automated management systems for retail chains such as Discount Center in Moscow and O'Key in Saint Petersburg. In 2002, she switched over to AND Project wh ere she worked as Consulting Director from 2007 to 2012.
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