20 november 2014
North European Gas Pipeline Logistics outsources fleet management support to MAYKOR
North European Gas Pipeline Logistics (NEGPL), a unified provider of integrated logistics services for the oil and gas markets, energy and industrial construction, chooses MAYKOR as its fleet management service provider.

MAYKOR will be responsible for the effective management of transportation resources and ensuring continuous centralized monitoring of specialized vehicles’ operations. The company will provide technical support services for GLONASS/GPS equipment as well as access to its vehicle monitoring software that helps NEGLP track the movement of vehicles across their entire routes in real-time.

Technical support for navigation equipment is delivered on a proactive Just-in-Time basis. Thanks to the ability to monitor system functions in real-time, MAYKOR specialists are able to quickly respond to incidents. This makes it possible to maintain on-board equipment with minimal downtime. In addition, access to the Telemate specialized software developed by MAYKOR allows the dispatching service and NEGPL specialists to not only track the location of vehicles in real-time, but also generate trip , speed and actual fuel consumption reports.

Andrey Petrov, Head of Transport at NEGPL, stated, "As a result of using MAYKOR’s vehicle monitoring system, NEGPL has been able to reduce fuel costs by more than 20%. However, such results can only be achieved if the navigation equipment is able to function without any downtime. Timely maintenance and proactive service from MAYKOR minimize equipment failure incidents, making it possible to gain greater control of our large fleet."
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