23 march 2016
NRC improves the quality of services using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MAYKOR-GMCS has built an automated customer relationship based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for JSC Independent Registrar Company (NRC). Its use increases the customer service effectivenes, relieving the client managers fr om routine tasks, allowing them to focus on increasing the efficiency and improving the quality of service component.

Group of companies NRC offers a broad range of financial services (registrar, depositary, broker, etc..) to Russian corporations. The CRM-system has improved the effectiveness of quality management of services, sales and receivables, realized the centralization of customer data in a single database, as well as provided the analysis and regular reporting on transactions.

The CRM-solution enables recording the history of interaction with customers by providing managers with a complete picture and experience in solving tasks, and also provides targeting of services, which serves as a tool for increasing customer base. The main working tool is a single window for the client manager, with which he manages transactions, from the planning meeting with the client prior to the formation of the offer, as well as the contract execution and its monitoring. The directors of departments will receive weekly and monthly reports on various criteria.

"The market, wh ere we operate, requires a deep personalized approach to clients. The CRM-system gives us confidence that no client interest is lost through the fault of the manager. The possibility of obtaining reporting set in the system allows us to analyze the work effectiveness for a certain period and make the necessary management decisions," says Vadim Protasenko, General Director, Independent Registrar Company.

"Using standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables us to respond quickly to business needs and adapt our decision," adds Sergey Kireev, IT Director, Independent Registrar Company.

About group of companies NRC:

Group of companies NRC is a universal financial group offering advanced products and services in the field of ledger maintenance, interaction with shareholders, providing brokerage, depository and special depositary service. The Group consists of JSC Independent Registrar Company (up to October 2015 – JSC Computershare Registrar) and LLC NRC Stock Market (up to October 2015 – LLC Computershare).

Clients of NRC are more than 4 000 Russian corporate issuers, including not only large corporations, but also small joint-stock companies. Today the Group serves more than 5.3 million personal accounts.

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