25 march 2009
Only reliable solutions: GMCS will construct a single management system for the representative office of OTIS in Russia
GMCS announces the start of works on the project for creating a full-scale automated enterprise management system at the Russian representative office of OTIS, the leading international manufacturer of elevator equipment. 

The new OTIS enterprise management system is based on Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1) and will cover the company's production sites in Moscow and St Petersburg.

For over 156 years OTIS means stability, safety and reliability, the company has been working in Russia since 1893 and is currently the largest supplier of lifting and transporting equipment in the Russian Federation. The corporate IT-standard for OTIS plants around the world is the Infor ERP LN system. In order to improve transparency and efficiency of business management in Russia, OTIS managers made the decision to use single management standards at its representative office in our country. The foundation of the prototype of the IT solution for the Russian representative office was the project model of the French OTIS plant implemented based on Infor ERP.

In order to reach the project's objectives a working group has been created, which includes GMCS specialists disposing of significant expertise in the implementation of international projects based on Infor ERP LN, OTIS employees, consultants and managers of the French Infor office, as well as representatives of the consulting company Anteor that carried out the project for the implementation of Infor ERP LN at the OTIS plant in France.

Construction of an enterprise management system is carried out in several stages in accordance with the order of priority of tasks set by OTIS. At the moment GMCS is conducting works of the first stage, which will result in the automation of production processes, procurement and sales, as well as inventory control of the OTIS plant in St Petersburg.

"Upon the completion of implementation of the enterprise management system the Russian business of OTIS shall be integrated into the company's single information environment. This will allow the company's top management to obtain reliable and up-to-date data on business performance," says Olga Kamenskaya, project manager, OTIS. "System users will in turn be able to control the process of production and sales at all stages, thus allowing the company to react to changes of market conditions flexibly and promptly."

"Participation in this project gives us another opportunity to expand our knowledge base in terms of European experience in production management and IT project management," notes Lyudmila Sokolskaya, Head of the Infor Solutions Department at GMCS. This experience will be put to use by GMCS consultants in order to efficiently solve the tasks of the project at OTIS."

About OTIS

OTIS is one of the largest companies for the production and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travelators in the world. The company employs 61 thousand workers. Its head office is located in Farmington, Connecticut. The company provides goods and services in over 200 countries and services over 2 million elevators and escalators across the globe. OTIS is part of the UTC (United Technologies Corp) international corporation, the headquarters of which is located in Hartford, Connecticut. UTC is a multi-profile company supplying hi-tech produce and services for the construction and aerospace industries. In Russia OTIS accounts for around 25% of sales of new lifting and transporting equipment, around 15% of the country’s elevators are maintained by the company. OTIS has three production sites in the Russian Federation.
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