21 january 2003
Oracle E-Business Suite system launched in commercial operation on schedule
Oracle E-Business Suite introduction project was started in December 2001. The system was launched in commercial production exactly on schedule , i.e. in January 2003. 

The system introduction project team for Metafrax consisted from consultants of IT, Borlas, GMCS and TOPS BI, while project management was performed by Consulting Department of Oracle CIS. 

Since January 2003 the integrated automated management system is used in commercial operation mode, while all management, bookkeeping, fiscal and statistic accounting documents of the enterprise have been generated using Oracle E-Business Suite data. Metafrax was the first Russian enterprise to have implemented full-scale Oracle E-Business Suite based enterprise resource management system in just a year. The project covers main and auxiliary production, purchases , material flow management, sales, planning, finance and bookkeeping accounting. Over 100 workplaces are fully automated, with 60% of software absorbed existing at the enterprise prior introduction. 

GMCS' specialists performed automation of business process planning, calculation of calculated and actual costs in main and auxiliary production, cost accounting, bookkeeping tasks. 

About Metafrax 

Metafrax is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia which exports up to 42% of its products. Methanol is the most important for the company out of 11 main chemical products manufactured by the company. 

Within recent years the company has been awarded with over 20 international prizes for technology and quality, and for high level of services provided which is a witness of recognition Metafrax in the European and international markets.

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