15 may 2006
Oracle E-Business Suite chosen by Kuybyshev Azot to build a corporate information system
Oracle E-Business Suite was chosen by Kuybyshev Azot to build a corporate information system. GMCS is a general contractor for this project.

Today Kuybyshev Azot, a top-CIS aminocaproic lactam manufacturer, CIS representative office of Oracle, the world’s largest corporate software manufacturer, and GMCS, carrying out integrated projects for implementation of corporate management information systems invarious industries, have declared about selection of a corporate information system for Kuybyshev Azot and starting a chemical production automation program on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite package. Construction of a Oracle E-Business Suite based corporate information system is one of the top priority lines directions of Kuybyshev Azot’s strategic development. The project implementation contract has been awarded to GMCS.

The basic objectives of the firststage are, namely, to implement functionality which includes purchase management, warehouses, sales, accounting, production sectors; the second stage will implement a functionality of managing: repairs and scheduled maintenance, project implementation, personnel and wage calculation.

To ensure optimum project implementation, Oracle practice field expertise by GMCS inchemistry and petroleum chemistry will be actively used.

The project was started in Quarter I, 2006.

About Kuybyshev Azot

KuybyshevAzot is modern chemical works with a leading position in manufacture ofaminocaproic lactam in Russia, is in the top 10 of Russian manufacturers of nitrogen fertilizers. The company specializes in production and sales of organic (aminocaproic lactam) and inorganic chemicals (ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers, and process gases), and polymer chemicals (polyamide resin-6, high-tenacity industrial threads, and cord tissue).
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