30 october 2013
OTP Bank Handed Over its ATM Service to MAYKOR
MAYKOR, a national-scale company that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, signed a contract for Automatic Teller Machines service with OTP Bank. As an outsourcing partner MAYKOR will provide the bank with comprehensive technical support that includes ATM repair at the location where they are installed with replacement of failed components as necessary.

At the first phase of this work technical audit will be run. At that stage MAYKOR specialists will test the equipment and fix the faults that will have found. Upon the completion of the ATM acceptance for service, MAYKOR will cover comprehensive technical support of the OTP network of ATM units, including scheduled maintenance and current repair. This service will be provided as in the one-stop-shop manner in Central, Southern, North-Western, Volga and Siberian federal districts.

"There is a recent trend toward the increase of outsourcing in the banking sector. This is due to expansion of self-service unit networks and to the growing number of branches of credit organizations. This is why MAYKOR has been developing its business line aimed at servicing banks across Russia to cover the growing demand for banking equipment technical support," said Temir Shamil, MAYKOR's VP for Business Development in the Banking Sector.

About OTP Bank

OTP Bank (Russia) is a member of the OTP Group that is one of the leaders in the financial services market of Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Bank is a universal credit organization offering a broad range of banking services and products for corporate clients and individuals. OTP Bank is among the 50 biggest banks in Russia and the 17th most profitable bank (according to Interfax EAC) and is among the top banks on a number of business lines. In particular, OTP Bank is13th among retail banks (Frank Research Group as of April 1, 2013) and 2nd in the POS credit market (Frank Research Group as of April 1, 2013) , 7th in the credit card market ( (Frank Research Group as of April 1, 2013). 

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