23 april 2014
PANDORA jewelry retail chain trusts MAYKOR servicing its equipment the fourth year in a row
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing services, announces an extension of its service contract with the jewelry stores chain PANDORA (ZAO PanClub). 

The service-related cooperation with the PANDORA chain began in 2010 when MAYKOR started servicing the company's cash registers in a single store. Today MAYKOR makes sure that equipment in more than 135 PANDORA stores throughout Russia operate seamlessly.

MAYKOR's service engineers are responsible for interaction with tax agencies in order to arrange registration and de-registration of cash registers, and also their commissioning, maintenance and repair, replacement of protected recording devices and advisory help for the users of the equipment.

PANDORA is one of the leading jewelry brands worldwide; it has been rapidly growing in the Russian market. The brand is available in more than 20 regions of the country and keeps expanding into new territories. In 2014 it is planned to open about 40 new PANDORA stores in different cities of Russia. The company feels it is important that all stores, regardless of their location, would maintain high quality of customer service, which depends on both good work of the store personnel and stable operation of the cash registers.

The ZAO PanClub has been cooperating with MAYKOR to service its cash registers for more than 3 years. Due to the deployed network of branches, skilled personnel and its vast resource base MAYKOR successfully handles technical support of cash registers throughout the PANDORA chain. This is why once again the closed corporation PanClub made a decision to extend the service contract.


PANDORA is one of the most successful jewelry brands known for its unique products. PANDORA's jewelry is sold in more than 70 countries on six continents. In Russia the PANDORA brand is available through ZAO PanClub in more than 135 PANDORA stores located in Moscow and the Moscow Province, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Perm, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Tula, Izhevsk, Novosibirsk, Tolyatti, Lipetsk, Yaroslavl, Samara, Saratov, Penza, Belgorod, Volgograd, Surgut, Armavir and Taganrog.
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