24 may 2012
Permenergosbyt is building a standardized financial and economic management system on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX
GMCS can now announce the start (in the trial commissioning phase) of the automated financial and economic management system for Permenergosbyt on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Permenergosbyt, working on both the retail and wholesale markets, is a default electric energy provider in the Perm Territory. Besides selling energy, Permoenergosbyt provides numerous services for servicing and setting up energy accounting equipment, organizing and taking measures to improve energy efficiency and saving, including energy audits, settlement and cash services in the housing and public utilities sector, etc.

The goal of this project is to optimize the financial and economic management of Permoenergosbyt due to business process automation using a standardized platform. Additionally, this project is intended to increase financial transparency for the management, shareholders and regulating bodies through simplifying necessary reporting procedure standards.

"This project is designed to raise the efficiency of the financial and economic management system and, as a result, improve customer service quality (many customers are large industrial companies and the municipal sector in the Perm Territory), make the company more attractive for investors by implementing a high-tech and world-class management system," states Dmitry Orlov, General Director at Permoenergosbyt, "Our partner, the company GMCS, offered us an optimal information system model which takes into account the unique features of our business; this project is being successfully implemented as we speak."

The system is being implemented in the company's Energy Sales Department in Perm and in ten other geographically dispersed branches which service customers. Currently, the treasury and payment application input, banking and cash transactions (according to the new analytical model rules developed by our very own experts), warehouse accounting for maintaining primary documentation for inventory and flow display across the branch distribution structure and auto transport accounting are functioning in the pilot commissioning phase. Moreover, Permenergosbyt experts have already processed and brought the contract base up-to-date by using Microsoft Dynamics AX; the next step will be automatizing the procedure for approving contract projects in the system.

Upon finishing the project a standardized information space will be formed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX for managing key financial and economic processes. In particular, the energy sales company will be able to reap the benefits of a standardized accounting procedure in both geographically dispersed branches and the subsidiary companies, automatic cost formation for different types of services in the necessary "cross-sections", automatically receiving quick accounting statements on schedule.

"The Russian energy sector is undergoing some significant transformations which require serious technological modifications, modernization of management systems. Today, we can offer energy selling, distributing, networking and generating companies an optimal solution to tasks like comprehensive automation of all their activities or just certain areas (for instance, billing automation, MRO)," says Ekaterina Voropaeva, President of GMCS. "The project in Permenergosbyt is being implemented thanks to components of the GMCS solution for energy selling companies on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX."

It is expected that the project will reach its full system capacity when commissioned in July 2012.

About Permenergosbyt

Permenergosbyt sells energy and is a default energy provider in the Perm Territory.
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