5 october 2009
Personal CRM-technologies: GMCS will help Personal Media Technologies (OViVO brand) build customer relations
Personal Media Technologies and GMCS announce the start of a project for establishment of an automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Building of the CRM-system is being carried out as part of the project to automate the business of the media company, a developer of a unique "video on demand" service under the OViVO brand.

Personal Media Technologies was established in 2007 in order to implement an ambitious media-project involving development of a personalized video service under an independent brand called OViVO. As a result of the hard work of the start-up team the project resulted in innovative video service which is unique not only on the Russian market, but also on the global market.

While actively battling for the market and promoting the brand a media company faces many tasks, one of which is to establish efficient management of key business processes. The central axis of the company's business automation was the creation of a CRM solution to manage relations with customers, partners and advertisers. Personal Media Technologies together with GMCS chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM software as the tool for this.

The launched project involves solving tasks on automating the sales department, advertising service and service centre of the client. In particular GMCS specialists are automating service sales processes to both individual and corporate clients, as well as equipment management. It is planned to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the billing system, unified payment management system, contact centre, media content management systems and the client's website, thus enabling Personal Media Technologies to centrally manage customer relationships.

"The business success of any start-up project especially in media depends directly on well organized work with the target audience and partners", says Tatyana Prokhorova, Director General of Personal Media Technologies. "I think that we made the right decision to implement a CRM system from the very beginning of the project during the process of introducing the OViVO brand to the market, which would allow us to guarantee a high quality of customer service, as well as support profitability of sales."

About Personal Media Technologies

Personal Media Technologies represents the OViVO brand on the Russian market – a unique personalized video service, which completely turns over ordinary perception of watching films or television shows. OViVO – is a new vision in the world of entertainment and the first large step towards next generation television. Access to OViVO is carried out via a special subscriber access device (SAD), which is easy to connect to a TV set and the Internet and which has a user friendly interface managed by remote control. The idea of creating OViVO and its implementation came from a devoted team of professionals in telecom, media and advertising.

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